Why I Cut My Hair After 2 Years Natural & How To Have A Successful Hair Journey!

If you have seen my recent transformation, and said to yourself: “GIRL ARE YOU CRAZY?” or if you need some motivation or words of advice on your journey… Keep reading 🙂


This was my first year and a half of being natural. All of 2014 I hid my hair because I was ashamed, lacked confidence, and didn’t know what to do with it.

As you can see, my hair FLOURISHED all the way to Summer 2015 (May 24 was my last length check before I colored/straightened). I wore it more once I got comfortable with it.

FullSizeRender 6

Then…I got a little cocky because people started to accept my hair more and natural was now the new trend (Still Summer 2015). I got this BEAUTIFUL silk press (just to show off my length and encourage others to go natural)! IMG_8403 2

Y’all I was FEELING myself!!! So of course, I proceeded to color my hair (after I said I never would. I was influenced! haha) This was October 2015 when I got BLEACHED highlights and colored them red!

FullSizeRender 7

My puff was HUGE & dry! Haha. This is when I started to love wash and go’s because my curl pattern was loosening up (I wanted it to at this point in time).

And two more color processes and two more blow outs later…My curl pattern went from this to this in a matter of 6 months. I was devastated. (Right picture is Jan-Feb 2016)IMG_1880

I will NEVER EVER in my life purposefully try to change my curl pattern again. Once you understand that your curl pattern is what God wanted you to have, your journey will be a lot smoother. Don’t watch videos of girls with a different hair type wishing your hair could be like theirs. I promise they probably wish they could get hair like yours too. Instead, learn your hair and what works for YOU so you can get the best experience with it. So please, be appreciative of your hair type/curl pattern because no one else on this Earth has YOUR hair. Changing my curl pattern was my biggest mistake in my journey.

I wasn’t retaining ANY length. My hair ended up being the same length for one full year because I kept having to trim. My ends were TIEEEEED!

This is almost a YEAR difference. Did y’all see how much my hair grew the first year of my journey??? My SHAVED head grew to the middle of my shoulder blades in one year! The next year, once I started coloring and heat damaging, I grew no more than 2 inches!



  1. My hair was DAMAGED…obviously. I can let the picture speak for itself. There was no reviving my hair. I tried and tried. My hair was shedding like crazy, curls were extremely limp, ends were brittle and weak…IT WAS TIME TO LET GO!
YOU CAN SEE THROUGH MY ENDS YALL! This is damaged hair!

KEY #1 TO YOUR JOURNEY! Pay attention to your hair! If it is damaged, try to revive it! (Protein treatments if it needs strength, deep conditioning if it needs moisture, trimming if it is tangling, etc.!) But if you can’t revive it, CUT IT! If you lost your curl pattern, I’d highly recommend you’d cut it because its not ever gonna be the same again. 

2. “ITS JUST HAIR!” Ladies I cannot stress this enough! Hair is an accessory, not a necessity. You should not be so dependent on hair to the point where you can’t feel confident without it. I’ve had every hairstyle, every color, and every length in the book. I can’t name how many times people think a certain style isn’t “for me” or won’t “match my color.” Yet, I have pulled off every style simply because of my confidence. I carry myself with my head high at ALL times. I quote this to all of my clients (especially the ones I want to go natural). Now that I have cut my hair, I embody this message. I was in LOVE with my hair, and I just up and cut it off….because ITS. JUST. HAIR.

KEY #2 TO YOUR JOURNEY! Health is always more important than length!!! Understand that your journey will not be perfect. It is okay to make mistakes! Just know how to handle them. It is okay to cut your hair, because hair WILL grow back! I had to take responsibility for my 6 month damage process! 

3. BEAUTIFUL HAIR DOES NOT EQUAL LONG HAIR. This is a common misconception in today’s society that I wanted to address. When I told a few people I was thinking about cutting my hair, all I heard were things along the lines of: “your hair is too long to cut” “why would you cut all that long beautiful hair” “you might not be cute anymore without long hair”. STOOOOP with the foolishness!

KEY #3 TO YOUR JOURNEY! You will ALWAYS be beautiful! No matter the length, color, style, etc. of your hair. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your hair does not define you! YOU define you. 

4. TO BUILD MY CONFIDENCE, AND SOMEONE ELSE’S TOO!! When I first cut my hair off two years ago, I was so self-conscious and had such low self-esteem to the point where I hid my hair for a whole year. I couldn’t take the criticism. I got so much negative feedback and hurtful words from people I called my friends. But now I can say I’m glad to have experienced this because I have grown from it. I would not be the strong, confident woman I am today without this experience. NOBODY CAN TELL ME A DAMN THING ABOUT YASMINE!!!!  I love inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone and try new things…this is how we grow as individuals and together as a community.


This was after I cut my hair the first time. I received comments such as: “You shouldn’t have done this.” “You look like Thelma from Good Times” “Okay grandma” “Im surprised your edges are laid”

I was so devastated. I cried, lost a lot of confidence,  and hid my hair for a whole year. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through that.

KEY #4 TO YOUR JOURNEY! If the people surroudnding you are bringing you down once you cut your hair, you need to be around new people. You should receive a lot of support from your peers and family because cutting your hair/going natural is a very big step and requires a lot of courage. If you ever need any help, motivation, encouraging words, etc. just text/call/e-mail me and I will help you!! I have gone through it and I know it is not easy! 

5. LIBERATION! I’m at the point in my life where I need to refresh, renew, and restart. I wanted to set myself free from a lot of things surrounding me. More negativity than I want has been entering my space lately. Cutting my hair was symbolic of letting go. Letting go of the things that were holding me back, the societal standards, people’s expectations, etc. I’ve never felt so free!

KEY #5 TO YOUR JOURNEY! There is nothing more liberating and rejuvenating`than cutting your hair! If you want to do it! Go ahead! I promise you won’t regret it!!! It’s so sexy and refreshing! 



Yes, I colored my hair again! Im only being adventurous! Haha. Im going to try a few colors and completely cut the color off before I begin to let my hair grow back.

A little advice on color: If you color your hair, please be careful. By careful, I mean don’t do it too often, treat it as much as you can, try to stray away from heat or any styles that can further damage your coils. I did 4 color processes and 3 heat styles in a matter of 6 moths. You should never do that if you want your curl pattern to remain the way it’s supposed to be.

Thank you for reading! And Youtube is your best friend!!! I hope you took something from this! Let me know what you all think! God Bless!! 

P.S. My youtube channel is YASMINEREIGNS! Please like and subscribe!


12 thoughts on “Why I Cut My Hair After 2 Years Natural & How To Have A Successful Hair Journey!

  1. Unspeakable!!! Your story Blessed me and I’m not natural. So I know how it’s going to do to the one’s that is. Continue to be Strong be Encouraged and watch how God continuously move in your life!!! Be Blessed until then…


  2. Yasmine although you are absolutely stunning on the outside, it’s your inner beauty that is most attractive!!! Love you baby girl!!


  3. I too recently went natural, and just decided to go straight for the big chop and cut it all off. I did this in March. Fortunately for me I didn’t really experience any negativity about it, most people loved it on me. I got a few “young man” comments but all those people are no longer in my life. Anyways, to my actual question lol my hair grows pretty fast and is right above my shoulder now (without shrinkage of course) and I REALLYYYYYYY want to dye it next January after its grown more. I have a color picked out (it would require me to bleach I’m sure) but I’m scared because I don’t want to ruin the healthiness that I’ve worked hard to have. Do you have any recommendations on what I should do before/after I dye it so it doesn’t damage my hair? Thank you and sorry this long haha 😅


    1. Haha it’s okay love! Hey sista! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your journey and thanks for reading! My advice to you would be to first make sure you find a professional natural hair stylist to do it! They will care for your hair the best. Second be sure your hair is in super healthy condition before you bleach. Try to stay away from heat as much as possible. Do protein treatments to make your hair stronger and deep conditions to give it moisture. Do the same once you do get it colored! Your stylist will follow up with you though! I hope this helped.


  4. Hey Yasmine. I need some hair advice. I’ve had problems with my hairline for years now, I guess it’s because my hair is really thin and weak. Right now my hairline was just worse and if I continued getting weaves and all that I felt I would be doing more damage so I cut it in June, its now short.

    I’ve been using castor oil, hair food, and other oils but there’s no difference, its not getting thicker, hairline isn’t growing, I wash it once a week, sometimes co-wash it with the hope of maybe seeing some difference but nothing.

    I relaxed it, but didn’t comb while relaxing because I didnt want it to look super thin, and yes it didnt look super thin but the little hair on my hairline is just worse to a point where it doesnt even react to the relaxer. I have been braiding it using my hair every week so it can grow, and it has grown but still looks the way it did before I decided to do the big chop, basically it is see through, as in on the sides you can see my scalp and in the middle its better in that I cant see the scalp but if I comb it up and a person looks through, they will see the other side.

    So i’ve given up, I tried, nothing is working. Do you think if I cut it all off, like go bald, that maybe my hair with improve a bit? I really have lost hope. I know this is long, but I hope you understand everything.


    1. Hello dear! Yes I completely understand everything! Firstly, thank you for reading and trusting my word!
      If you’ve been struggling with this for a minute you might want to see a dermatologist to see if you’re having any issues with your follicles. Make sure your eating habits are good! Drink LOTS of water!!
      You definitely Dont want to relax it though. If your edges are weak or trying to grow back that’s a bad idea! Relaxers are entirely too strong of a chemical for that! You also need as much moisture on your scalp as possible. Try not to get too many ️PROTECTIVE styles. Look into full wigs so you can keep your hair out of your hands. I make very natural looking units for a low price as well! Instagram: @hairsewperfect
      Have you heard of miracle drops? those might work for you! Instagram: @darealbbjudy
      Please let me know!


  5. Just took out a 360 closure that was done by a “great hair stylist” and my edges are gone. 😩 also, my hair seems stunted and my peers are all against me cutting it, including my man. But after reading this and your hair struggle is a lot like mine. Colored it burgundy and then the heat, my hair is coarse. I’m now confident it’s time for the big chop. What hair products do you use for our scalp and what’s your hair routine? Your hair type looks a lot like mine.!


    1. Hello! Thank you for reading! I’m sooo sorry to hear that!!! Ugh! I’m glad you’ve decided to take the next step and get a fresh start! For my scalp: wild growth oil and castor oil mix is AMAZING! My hair routine depends. I actually have a few youtube videos on how I style my hair. You can go check them out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3vFOqU8EFg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrIS1XGF2e4
      But I like to use either Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo & conditioner, Shea moisture intensive hydration shampoo and conditioner, Aunt Jackie’s, or Miss Jessie’s. After I condition, I dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt. Then I spray a mixture of water, the JBCO leave in or the aunt jackie’s leave in and a bit of coconut oil. Then I’ll either do finger coils or a “wash and go” using eco styler gel or long aid curling activator gel. I either allow it to air dry or i turn my head upside down and diffuse it with my blow drier for length!


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